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Why does the bread wear a halo?
This bread does no wrong. We make quality products that are easy to digest in order to provide the highest nutrition for your body. All products are free of additives and preservatives. Fresh fruit and nuts create the flavor.

How should the bread be stored?
No preservatives means the products require traditional cool and dark storage. We suggest a cold storage shelf or refrigerator.

Why do you specialize in gluten free products?
Originally out of friendship and now because of the demand. Our owner and baker is close friends with a girl who can be a challenge to feed. She is not alone; many people are intolerant to traditional bakery products. Yeung originally designed two gluten free recipes, the Chewy Bar and the Lemon Coconut Muffin. We continue to carry these classic treats and now offer more than 20 gluten free products.

Why would I want gluten-free baking?
Gluten is a protein found primarily in wheat, barley, oats and rye. 15% of the population have some form of gluten intolerance. The effects of this food sensitivity can range from mild fatigue and digestive upset to debilitating malnutrition.
Celiac disease, the most severe form of gluten intolerance, affects 1 in every 133 people. For more information on this illness, visit the Calgary Chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association.

We do not use peanuts as an ingredient. All of our breads are completely nut-free. All of our other products may contain nuts other than peanuts, but some of the ingredients, such as chocolate, may have been produced in a facility that also handles peanuts.

Where is the bread baked?
Right here in Calgary. All of our products are baked at our commercial kitchen which is located at the 417 - 53 Ave. South East.

When is the bread fresh?
Fresh bread is available Tuesday and Friday. These days offer the best selection with all bread remaining from the previous batch being marked down by 30%. Bread may also be baked fresh on other days of the week depending on kitchen production.

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